Ymir’s well – Faaborg

In Attractions, Denmark by Skjalden

In the city of Faaborg on the island of Fyn, you can see the bronze sculpture, Ymir’s well (Danish: Ymerbrønden). The statue was made in 1912-1913 by the sculptor Kai Nielsen (1882-1924).

Personally, I find it strange that it was called Ymir’s well since it depicts the jötunn Ymir drinking milk from the cow Audhumbla at the beginning of the world in Norse mythology.

It could be that the artist thought of the milk from the cow as Ymir’s well since he used it as his only nutrition. There was nothing else for him to eat, because at this time in history according to the Norse sagas only the land of fire and ice existed with Ginnungagap in the middle.

While Ymir was drinking the milk, the cow was licking a being free from a salty rock, this was Búri, and he is the first of all the Nordic gods.

When it was first placed at the city center it was merely a sandstone sculpture, but in 1964 it was replaced with an identical statue made from bronze.

ymir statue faaborg in denmark
  • The sandstone sculpture can be seen at the Museum in Faaborg.
  • The bronze sculpture is at Torvet.
  • Address: Torvet, 5600 Faaborg, Denmark.