Welcome to my website about Nordic culture, my name is Martin, and I am the author and owner of this website. I have had this website since 2011, although the name of the website has changed a few times over the years. The main purpose of Skjalden.com is to convey my knowledge about Nordic culture, especially about Norse mythology and the Viking Age. I also have a website about Yule.

History is a big passion of mine, and I love to spend many hours reading, watching, or playing games related to history, especially with a focus on Scandinavian history. Besides this website, I also have a Youtube channel where I once in a while publish videos about this topic.

My educational background; I have a Master’s degree in Web Communication and Organization with a specialization in the Semantic Web from the University of Southern Denmark.

This website is not my full-time job by any means, but I work as an SEO Consultant (In Danish: SEO Konsulent) for various types of companies across all kinds of industries. If you are in need of a Danish SEO Consultant, who can help you gain access to the Danish market, then you are always welcome to reach out to me at RankNordic.com.

I have razor-sharp abilities in digital communication, and I can help you convey a message to a specific target audience in Scandinavia, but my strongest professional asset is analyzing data, search engine optimization, and growing a digital presence that yields long-lasting results, which creates brand recognition on the web, for instance, SEO Aalborg.

Currently, I work in the area around Aalborg in Northern Jutland, but I have access to a wide network across most of Denmark.

This is Lindholm Høje in Nørresundby, an Ancient Viking graveyard located within walking distance from my home. This is the biggest Viking graveyard in the world of its kind.