Viking Music – The Best List of Nordic Folk Music

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If you’re a fan of Viking music and Nordic folk music or just curious about these intriguing genres, you’ve come to the right place. I have compiled a list of bands known for their unique musical styles in these genres, complete with their albums. Notable bands such as Wardruna, Heilung, Forndom, and Danheim have captivated listeners with their fresh take on timeless themes and melodies, drawing inspiration from the Viking era.

By listening to the music of these gifted bands and their albums, you’ll gain insight into the rich history, stories, and cultural traditions that form the foundation of Viking music and Nordic folk music. Experience the mesmerizing soundscapes crafted by these amazing artists, and let their music guide you through a world of Norse mythology, breathtaking landscapes, spirituality, and heroic tales.

GenreBandAlbumLanguageRelease date
Nordic Folk MusicHeilungDrifMixedApr 22, 2022
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaKvitravn – First Flight of the White Raven (Live)NorwegianApr 22, 2022
Nordic AmbientDanheimDomadagrEnglishJul 23, 2021
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaKvitravnNorwegianJan 22, 2021
Nordic Folk MusicForndomFaþirSwedishApr 3, 2020
Nordic Folk MusicMyrkurFolkesangeDanishMar 20, 2020
Nordic AmbientDanheimSkapanirEnglishMar 20, 2020
Nordic Amplified HistoryHeilungFuthaMixedJun 28, 2019
Nordic AmbientDanheimHringrásEnglishFeb 10, 2019
Nordic Folk MusicVǫluspáTrollbundenNorwegianJan 31, 2019
Nordic AmbientDanheimRunagaldrEnglishDec 3, 2018
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaSkaldNorwegianNov 23, 2018
Nordic AmbientDanheimHerjaEnglishApr 1, 2018
Nordic AmbientDanheimFridrEnglishApr 1, 2018
Nordic Amplified HistoryHeilungLifaMixedJan 5, 2018
Nordic AmbientDanheimMannavegrEnglishNov 1, 2017
Nordic AmbientDanheimMunarvagrEnglishMay 23, 2017
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaRunaljod – RagnarokNorwegianOct 21, 2016
Nordic Folk MusicForndomDauðra DuraSwedishJan 29, 2016
Nordic Folk MusicAsynjeGaldrDanishDec 18, 2015
Nordic Folk MusicForndomFlyktSwedishJun 19, 2015
Nordic Folk MusicHeilungOfnirMixedJun 2, 2015
Nordic Folk MusicAsynjeFærdDanishAug 2, 2014
Nordic Folk MusicVǫluspáVǫluspáNorwegianSep 13, 2013
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaRunaljod YggdrasilNorwegianMar 15, 2013
Nordic Folk MusicAsynjeGenkaldtDanishMay 16, 2011
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaRunaljod – Gap Var GinnungaNorwegianJan 19, 2009

Viking Music Through Live Performances and Festivals

Attending live performances and festivals showcasing Viking music and Nordic folk music is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. These events transport you into a realm steeped in Norse mythology and culture, where the raw energy and emotion of the music can be felt up close and personal.

A variety of talented Viking and Nordic folk musicians frequently embark on world tours, showcasing their dynamic performances to captivated audiences across the globe. In addition to these concerts, you can also find several dedicated festivals that celebrate and honor Viking music and culture. Notable events include the enchanting Midgardsblot Festival in Norway, the mesmerizing Ragnarök Festival in Germany, and the unforgettable Fimbul Festival in the Netherlands.

When you attend these events, you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with fellow fans, delve deeper into the rich history and traditions of Viking music and Nordic folk music, and uncover new, groundbreaking artists who are taking these genres to new heights.

Get to Know Traditional Instruments Used in Nordic Folk Music

In this collection of Viking-inspired music bands, you’ll find that many of them utilize traditional instruments to create their captivating sound. These instruments help evoke the unique atmosphere of Viking music and connect the modern listener to the rich cultural heritage of the Norse people.

Some of the fascinating instruments featured in their music include the lyre, tagelharpa, hurdy-gurdy, frame drum, jaw harp, and willow flute. Each of these instruments contributes to the enchanting sound that characterizes Viking-inspired music, allowing you to embark on a captivating journey through time and space.

If you’re intrigued by these instruments and their role in Viking music, we encourage you to visit the page dedicated to Viking music instruments. There, you’ll learn more about their history, craftsmanship, and the talented musicians who bring them to life. Enhance your appreciation for the enthralling world of Viking music by exploring the ancient tools of expression that make it so unique.

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