List of Non-metal Viking Music

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It is no secret that most of the Viking and Norse mythology-inspired music is within the metal genre. That is why I made this list of non-metal Viking music so people like you can get an overview of what is available.

As you can see below, the list is very short, and there are not many who produce this kind of music. Therefore, if you are an aspiring musician, who has a love for Nordic culture, then you should consider making music within the non-metal genre. The competition is small, and the community is large.

If you are producing this kind of music, and if you would like to get more exposure then you can contact me on Facebook. I am always in need of new and interesting music for my videos on Youtube.

There are links to where you can purchase most of the albums, any purchase through these links supports this website in producing more content like this.

GenreBandAlbumLanguageRelease date
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaKvitravnNorwegianJan 22, 2021
Nordic AmbientDanheimSkapanirEnglishMar 20, 2020
Nordic Amplified HistoryHeilungFuthaMixedJun 28, 2019
Nordic AmbientDanheimHringrásEnglishFeb 10, 2019
Nordic Folk MusicVǫluspáTrollbundenNorwegianJan 31, 2019
Nordic AmbientDanheimRunagaldrEnglishDec 3, 2018
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaSkaldNorwegianNov 23, 2018
Nordic AmbientDanheimHerjaEnglishApr 1, 2018
Nordic AmbientDanheimFridrEnglishApr 1, 2018
Nordic Amplified HistoryHeilungLifaMixedJan 5, 2018
Nordic AmbientDanheimMannavegrEnglishNov 1, 2017
Nordic AmbientDanheimMunarvagrEnglishMay 23, 2017
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaRunaljod – RagnarokNorwegianOct 21, 2016
Nordic Folk MusicForndomDauðra DuraSwedishJan 29, 2016
Nordic Folk MusicAsynjeGaldrDanishDec 18, 2015
Nordic Folk MusicForndomFlyktSwedishJun 19, 2015
Nordic Folk MusicHeilungOfnirMixedJun 2, 2015
Nordic Folk MusicAsynjeFærdDanishAug 2, 2014
Nordic Folk MusicVǫluspáVǫluspáNorwegianSep 13, 2013
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaRunaljod YggdrasilNorwegianMar 15, 2013
Nordic Folk MusicAsynjeGenkaldtDanishMay 16, 2011
Nordic Folk MusicWardrunaRunaljod – Gap Var GinnungaNorwegianJan 19, 2009
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