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Danheim is a Nordic folk and Viking-inspired music project created by the talented Danish producer Mike Olsen, who has a background in electronic and ambient music. Based in Copenhagen, Olsen’s music is influenced by Nordic folklore, Viking history, and Danish myths. He has managed to captivate millions of listeners around the world with his unique sound.

Mike Schæfer Olsen, born in 1985 in Brøndby, Denmark, began focusing on music in the early 2000s. Over the years, he has continuously composed music, hosted radio shows, and established the indie label Fimbul Records. This label later transitioned into the radio project “Fimbul Radio” in 2020.

Olsen’s passion for songwriting from a young age, combined with his interest in Viking history and Norse mythology, has helped him create music that transports listeners back in time. By blending imagination and creativity, Danheim has managed to expand the Nordic folk genre.

Danheim – Kala

Before 2016, Olsen mainly produced electronic music, but his fascination with Norse mythology inspired him to combine these elements with his music. He then adopted the stage name Danheim, which roughly translates to “Danish Home,” drawing from the Old Norse word ‘heim,’ meaning home.

Danheim has released eight records independently, showcasing a style often compared to Brian Eno’s work on the Game of Thrones soundtrack or dark, inspired folk music. His lyrics explore various Germanic myths, such as Hrungnir’s battle with Thor and the story of Fimbulwinter.

In 2019, Danheim contributed to the soundtrack for three episodes of the final season of the popular TV show Vikings. The actor Georgia Hirst, who appeared on the show, praised his music in a social media video.

As of April 2023, Danheim’s YouTube channel has accumulated over 548,000 subscribers and more than 213 million video views. In March 2020, Danheim released his third full-length album, Skapanir, which features 11 tracks. Critics praised Skapanir for its captivating and hypnotic composition, as well as its diverse instrumentation, which created a multidimensional Viking soundscape. See more on his website.