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Forndom is not a traditional band with multiple members, but a solo musical project created by Swedish artist Ludvig Swärd (H.L.H. Swärd). Swärd is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and visual artist who is deeply inspired by Norse mythology, Scandinavian folklore, and the natural world. His work is both auditory and visual, as he often creates artwork for his album covers and promotional materials, further emphasizing the interconnectedness of these various aspects of his art.

In 2012, Swärd initiated the Forndom project after exploring various musical styles. He eventually embraced a more ambient and ritualistic sound, which would become the hallmark of Forndom. This distinctive sound features traditional and ancient instruments like the Tagelharpa, mouth harp, and diverse percussion instruments, combined with atmospheric sounds and field recordings. The resulting music generates a meditative and hypnotic ambiance, transporting listeners to a different era and location.

Forndom – Flykt

Before founding Forndom, Swärd managed an amateur photography blog on Tumblr. His first release, “Flykt,” was designed as a complement to his photographs. This debut album was created entirely using virtual instruments through a digital audio workstation (DAW). However, for the subsequent release, “Dauðra Dura,” Swärd employed real instrumentation, including traditional Norse instruments such as the Tagelharpa, näverlur, and a Vevlira (also known as a hurdy-gurdy).

In addition to the albums and EPs mentioned earlier, Forndom has also released singles and participated in various collaborations and compilations within the dark ambient and neofolk community. As a live act, Forndom’s performances are highly atmospheric and often include visual elements, such as projections and carefully crafted stage settings, that enhance the overall experience for the audience.

While Forndom’s music primarily focuses on themes related to Norse mythology and Scandinavian culture, it has a broader appeal to fans of dark ambient, neofolk, and ritualistic music, as well as those who appreciate evocative, atmospheric soundscapes. See more on his website.