Danish tongue twisters and how to pronounce them

In Denmark by Skjalden

The Danes love to test foreigners and get them to pronounce some of the most difficult Danish tongue twisters. Some of them are difficult for the Danes as well because of how similar the words are to each other.

One sentence that is always a challenge for foreigners is “Rød grød med fløde”. This is a very common Danish tongue twister, and you can be pretty sure that this will be the first one that they will try to get you to pronounce.

This article has a video attached to it, and in that video, I pronounce each word, so it is easy to follow along and learn how to pronounce them.

I will take you through the ten most common ones, and when you are done, you will be much more prepared for when the Danes begin to test you. If you learn how to say “Rød grød med fløde”, which means red porridge with cream, then you will gain a lot of respect from the Danes, because that is a difficult one to pronounce for foreigners.

Top 10 Danish tongue twisters


Fem flade flødeboller på et fladt flødebollefad.
English: Five flat cream puffs on a flat cream puff dish.


Rødgrød med fløde.
English: Red porridge with cream.


Kæmpe kæppe knækker næppe.
English: Giant sticks hardly breaks.


Bløde, blege bøgeblade.
English: Soft pale beech leaves.


Bløde, Glatte blå gadeplakater.
English: Smooth blue street posters.


Stativ, stakit, kasket.
English: Stand, fence, cap.


Ringeren i Ringe ringer ringere end ringeren ringer i Ringsted.
English: The church ringer in Ringe, is ringing more lousy than the church ringer in Ringsted.


Du kan ikke altid plukke frisk frugt med en brugt frugtplukker.
English: You can not always pick fresh fruit with a used fruit picker.


Fisker Frits fisker friske fisk.
English: Fisherman Frits fishes fresh fish.


Døde røde rødøjede rådne røgede ørreder med fløde.
English: Dead red red-eyed rotten smoked trout with cream