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Asynje, a Danish folk music group, masterfully combines contemporary electronic beats and samples with traditional Nordic folk melodies to create a truly unique sound. Composed of experienced musicians from the Danish music scene, Asynje’s Nanna Barslev, Søren Hammerlund, Martin Seeberg, Troels Dueholm Nørgaard, and Jacob Lund come together to craft enchanting soundscapes inspired by Nordic folk music, ancient forests, and bygone eras.

Since the early 2000s, Asynje began as a duo with Barslev and Hammerlund and has since expanded to include multi-instrumentalists Seeberg and Mads Kjøller-Henningsen. The band made their concert debut in October 2010 at the National Museum during Copenhagen’s Culture Night and released their debut album, “Genkaldt,” in May 2011.


Drawing from ancient musical traditions rooted in Scandinavian landscapes, Asynje’s music is also deeply influenced by Nordic history, mythology, and nature. Utilizing rarely-seen musical instruments, electronic soundscapes, and Barslev’s enchanting vocals, the group produces beautiful sonic landscapes and energetic dance numbers that resonate with times long past.

Asynje has emerged as a fresh take on the “Nordic primal tone” and is a testament to the thriving Danish folktronica scene, which has previously spawned bands like Sorten Muld and Valravn. Experience the captivating fusion of old and new as Asynje’s talented musicians weave together ancient melodies and modern sounds, transporting listeners to a world rich in Nordic culture and history.