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Vǫluspá is a Norwegian folk-rock/metal band with strong Viking and folklore influences, led by vocalist and songwriter Sól Geirsdóttir. The band’s music is inspired by Norse mythology and history, combining elements of traditional Scandinavian folk music with rock and metal.

They have released a variety of albums and singles, including their 2013 EP titled “Vǫluspá,” the 2019 album “Trollbunden,” and the single “Heathen Heart (Midgard Sessions)” from the same year. They have also collaborated with other artists, such as Fedrespor, on singles like “Nordstjerna” (2020) and “Fimbulvinter” (2020), and released the single “All Makt” (2021).

Sól Geirsdóttir, in addition to her role in the band, is a Viking blogger and designer of historical clothing, currently working on her own clothing line. Born above the Arctic Circle, Geirsdóttir now resides near Oslo, Norway.

Vǫluspá – Voluspá

She runs a blog called The Viking Queen (https://thevikingqueen.wordpress.com/), where she shares her fascination and admiration for the Viking Age and its influence on the modern world. Her blog covers a variety of Viking-related topics, places, and events, showcasing her passion for history and creativity.

Vǫluspá’s music offers a unique blend of Viking-inspired themes and modern musical elements, appealing to fans of folk, rock, and metal genres who are interested in the rich history and mythology of the Viking Age.