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Wardruna is a Norwegian music group that has captivated audiences with its unique approach to creating musical renditions of Norse cultural and esoteric traditions. Formed in 2003 by Einar Selvik, Gaahl, and Lindy Fay Hella, the band is known for its innovative use of Nordic historical and traditional instruments, as well as non-traditional sound sources like trees, rocks, water, and torches.

Einar Selvik and Gaahl were both previously members of the black metal band Gorgoroth, while Selvik has also been involved in various other projects such as Det Hedenske Folk, Bak de Syv Fjell, Jotunspor, Sahg, Dead to this World, Skuggsjá, and Faun. Gaahl has recorded with Trelldom, Gaahlskagg, and God Seed.

Wardruna’s music gained wider recognition when the group collaborated with composer Trevor Morris to create the score for the second season of the popular TV series Vikings. In addition to their work on the show, the band has released five full-length albums, each exploring different aspects of Norse mythology and culture.

Wardruna – Lyfjaberg (Healing-mountain)

The name Wardruna translates to “the guardian of secrets” or “she who whispers,” embodying the band’s commitment to unveiling the mysteries of ancient Norse wisdom through their music. Over the years, the group has headlined various alternative, folk, and experimental music festivals, and their live performances are known for their captivating and atmospheric quality.

With a focus on the authentic representation of Norse culture and traditions, Wardruna’s music offers a fascinating and accessible glimpse into a rich and complex world. The band’s dedication to their craft and their innovative approach to music-making has resonated with fans across the globe, making Wardruna a truly unique and unforgettable experience.