Four statues that depict four Nordic Gods at Djurgårdsbron, Stockholm

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At the Djurgaard Bridge (Swedish: Djurgårdsbron) in central Stockholm, Sweden, are four statues that depict the four Nordic Gods, Freya, Frigg, Heimdall, and Thor.

Each of them is standing on top of a tall granite column looking out over the city. The goddess Freyja is standing with a falcon on her hand, Frigg is holding a rod, Heimdall is blowing in his Gjallarhorn, and Thor has his hammer Mjölnir resting against his shoulder.

four statues that depict the four Nordic gods at djurgårdsbron sweden

Djurgårdsbron, Stockholm, Sweden.

The bridge was designed by Carl Fraenell, and it was built in 1897 for the World Fair in Stockholm. The steel bridge is 18 meters wide, and approximately 58 meters long. The bridge was reconstructed and modernized in 1977, in order to take a much heavier traffic load.