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Skáld is a French Nordic folk group that was formed in 2018. Their music is heavily influenced by Norse culture, using traditional instruments and themes centered around Scandinavian culture and Norse mythology. They primarily sing in Old Norse and other Nordic languages.

The band was created by producer Christophe Voisin-Boisvinet, along with singers and musicians Justine Galmiche, Pierrick Valence, and Mattjö Haussy. Their aim was to tell Nordic myths and legends by singing mainly in Old Norse. The name “Skáld” refers to the Old Norse word for a poet who composed Skaldic poetry during the Viking Age.

In August 2018, Skáld released their first EP, which included three songs: Gleipnir, Ódinn, and Rún. Their first album, Vikings Chant, was released in January 2019 and re-issued later that year with additional tracks. Mattjö Haussy left the band in 2020 to pursue a new project, and Skáld released their second album, Vikings Memories, in October of that year.


Pierrick Valence left the group after the release of their second album, and Skáld released their second EP, Winter Songs, in October 2021 with Justine Galmiche as the only official member. In June 2022, Galmiche left the group due to health reasons and was replaced by singer Chaos Heidi. The band also added new members: Steeve Petit, Marti Ilmar Uibo, Ravn, and Julien Loko.

Skáld announced their new album, Huldufólk, in September 2022 and released it in January 2023. Chaos Heidi left the band before the album’s release and was replaced by Lily Jung as the lead singer during their European tour in October 2022.

Skáld’s music is inspired by Norse texts and mythology, with their albums focusing on various themes. Their first album, Vikings Chant, centered on famous elements of Norse mythology, while their second album, Vikings Memories, focused on the element of water. Their third album, Huldufólk, explores the theme of folkloristic Nordic figures like trolls, elves, and dragons.

The band uses a variety of traditional Norse instruments, such as shamanic drums, lyre, talharpa, citole, jouhikko, and nyckelharpa. See more on their website.