Viking miniatures figures and terrain

Viking Miniatures: Bring History to Life with Detailed Figures & Terrain

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Are you captivated by the world of Vikings and tabletop games? If so, this collection of Viking miniatures, miniature paint kits, and wargame terrains is perfect for you! These items offer countless hours of fun and creativity, making them fantastic gifts for friends, family members, or even yourself on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

As a Viking enthusiast, you’ll love the attention to detail found in each piece, along with the endless possibilities that our paint kits and terrains provide. So why not unleash your inner Viking warrior and bring the spirit of the Nordic age to your tabletop gaming sessions?

The Viking Starter Army 

The Viking Starter Army is an exceptional choice for tabletop war game enthusiasts with a love for Viking history. Crafted from durable plastic and metal, these Viking-inspired miniatures capture the essence of historic battles. The set’s dimensions are 12.28 x 8.9 x 5.91 inches and contain all the components necessary to assemble a robust Viking army.

Influenced by the tenacious and self-reliant Viking tribes, Warlord Games has designed miniatures that display the characteristic woad war paint and distinct hairstyles. Each figure epitomizes a proficient warrior, ready to fiercely protect their home and family.

The Hail Caesar Viking Starter Army includes 1 exclusive Viking Warlord, 4 metal Berserkers, 64 plastic Hirdman, 64 plastic Bondi, and 4 waterslide decal sheets for Viking shields.

Ideal for large tabletops and multiplayer games, the process of assembling and painting these Viking miniatures is as enjoyable as the gameplay itself. Furthermore, the set includes a digital value bundle, adding extra allure for fans of miniature wargames.

Ideal for large tabletops and multiplayer games, the process of assembling and painting these Viking miniatures is as enjoyable as the gameplay itself.

Furthermore, the set includes a digital value bundle, adding extra allure for fans of miniature wargames. Buy Them Here.

Viking Bondi Miniature Warriors

Meet the Viking Bondi, a collection of 32 plastic miniature warriors perfect for fans of Vikings and tabletop war games. With this set, you can assemble a diverse group of Bondi fighters wielding spears, swords, axes, and bows. These warriors were known for joining their lord’s army and seeking fortune and glory on their journeys.

While they commonly donned helmets and shields, armor was scarce among Bondi warriors. This set allows you to craft 32 Viking Bondi with a variety of melee weapons, and you can equip 8 of them with bows. The package also includes a color decal sheet and a color banner sheet.

The Viking Bondi set measures 8.98 x 6.06 x 2.6 inches and is recommended for ages 12 and up. Note that the 28mm (1/56th scale) models come unpainted and unassembled; glue and paint are not provided. Buy Them Here

Wargames Delivered Ultimate Miniature Paint Kit

Presenting the Ultimate Miniature Paint Kit by Wargames Delivered, the perfect choice for high-quality paint in your tabletop war games, especially if you’re a fan of Viking miniatures. This extensive Army Painter Paint Set offers a remarkable variety of 116 acrylic colors, allowing you to paint diverse miniatures, from Warhammer figures to sci-fi, fantasy, and historical models.

Featuring rich metallics, vivid primary colors, delicate pastels, earthy hues, and specialized paints for unique effects like weathering and texture, this kit has it all. It also includes mixing balls, empty bottles for custom paint blends, and four durable, precise brushes.

With its spill-proof dropper paint bottles, you can enjoy a mess-free painting experience. Plus, the kit comes with a bonus paint guide to help you maximize your miniature painting projects.

No matter the material of your miniatures – be it plastic, metal, wood, or stone – the Ultimate Miniature Paint Kit has got your back. Buy It Here

Viking Stockade – Warhammer Scenery

The Viking Stockade, designed by Terrain4Print, is an ideal option for those who want to enrich their tabletop war games with authentic and eye-catching Viking-inspired scenery. Created specifically for 28mm miniatures, this 3D-printed wargaming terrain brings an impressive visual aspect to any skirmish or role-playing quest.

This valuable set provides enough wall sections to build an entire fortification at an economical price. Adaptable Warhammer scenery works well with a variety of miniatures, ranging from 25-28mm in scale, fitting multiple gaming situations. Manufactured in the USA, the Viking Stockade is 3D printed in Las Vegas, NV, using environmentally friendly PLA plastic.

Take note that the color might differ a bit based on the available material. Models are delivered unpainted and don’t require glue for assembly. However, applying a primer is crucial for proper paint adherence, ensuring your Viking Stockade looks exceptional on the gaming table. Buy It Here

Viking Watchtower for Tabletop Games

Elevate your tabletop war games with the Viking Watchtower, an impressive wargaming terrain piece created by Terrain4Print for 28mm miniatures. This captivating scenery brings an added layer of depth to your battles or role-playing quests, serving as a visually engaging background for your game sessions.

The Viking Watchtower set contains four stackable sections and two ladders, letting you construct a full tower at a budget-friendly price. Perfect for miniatures ranging from 25-28mm in scale, this adaptable scenery fits seamlessly with multiple gaming situations.

Produced in the USA, the watchtower is 3D printed using environmentally conscious PLA plastic. Keep in mind that colors may differ slightly. Models are provided unassembled and unpainted, with no glue necessary. Simply apply primer for optimal paint adherence, and witness your Viking Watchtower come alive. Buy It Here

Viking Rune Stones Wargame Terrain

Enhance your wargame setup with Viking Rune Stones by Terrain4Print, offering meticulously crafted 3D printed tabletop RPG scenery and wargame terrain for 28mm miniatures. Transform your battlefield or role-playing adventure setting with these visually stunning EnderToys Terrain pieces.

Amazing value awaits you with a set of 5 distinct inscribed stones at an unbeatable price. This tabletop terrain complements a variety of miniatures, suitable for those ranging from 25-40mm in scale.

Proudly made in the USA, these rune stones are 3D printed in Las Vegas, NV, using eco-friendly PLA plastic. Note that colors may vary slightly based on available materials.

No glue is needed for assembly, and models come unpainted. To ensure proper paint adherence, simply apply a primer before bringing your Viking Rune Stones to life. Buy It Here

Viking House

Elevate your wargame experience with the Viking House by EnderToys Terrain, a stunning addition to your tabletop landscape for both battlefields and role-playing adventures. This intricately designed terrain piece adds a striking visual element to your gaming sessions.

Offering exceptional value, this set includes one Viking house at an incredibly affordable price. The tabletop scenery is suitable for an array of miniatures, particularly those ranging from 25-28mm in scale.

Proudly 3D printed in Las Vegas, NV, USA, this Viking House is made from PLA, an environmentally friendly plastic. Be aware that colors may slightly differ based on available materials.

No glue is needed for assembly, and the models are supplied unpainted. To ensure optimal paint adherence, apply a primer before painting your Viking House to perfection. But It Here