878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition Board Game

878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition

In Merchandise by Skjalden

The 878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition is a captivating board game that is easy to learn and quick to set up. The game is designed for 2 to 4 players and comes with a variety of high-quality components that will keep you engaged for hours. The objective of the game is to either defend England as the English or invade the country as the Vikings, using different strategies to achieve victory. Buy The Game Here.

A Game of Strategy and Teamwork

In the 878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition, players can choose to play head-to-head or in teams. When playing in teams, two players will control the English Thegn and Housecarl, while the other two players will control the Viking Norsemen and Berserkers. This game allows for a wide array of strategies to be used by both sides, providing unique experiences with each playthrough.

The gameplay is fast-paced and exciting, suitable for players aged 13 and up. As the Vikings, you can choose to conquer the north before heading south or divide your forces to attack from multiple coasts. As the Saxon English, you can decide whether to stand your ground or retreat and strike back later.

This game includes 130 beautifully designed 15mm miniatures:

  • 40 Black Viking Norsemen
  • 20 Red Viking Berserkers
  • 40 Green English Thanes
  • 20 Blue English Hauscarls
  • 10 Yellow English Fyrds

The 878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition also comes with a large historical map of Angeland (England) from 865 AD when the Viking Heathen Hosts invaded. The map measures 750 x 540 mm (29.5 x 21.3 in) and is mounted, providing an authentic gaming experience.

In addition, the game features famous historical leaders such as Halfdan ‘Kvitserk’ Ragnarsson, Bjorn ‘Ironside’ Ragnarsson, Guthrum, and many more. The English must hold their ground until King Alfred the Great arrives, adding a thrilling element to the game.

The gameplay is divided into three steps:

Reinforce & Plan: The English place new Thegn and Hauscarl reinforcements on cities not occupied by the Vikings, while the Vikings draw a new Viking Leader Card with its invading army. Then, players choose their Movement and Historical Event cards.

Move: Players move armies based on the Movement Card they chose, opting to move entire armies or single units if desired.

Battle: Players gain Battle Dice depending on which units they have in the fight. Each colored unit type has its own colored Battle Dice with a unique combination of Hit, Command, and Flee faces. After rolling the dice, players apply the results.

The 878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition is a fun and engaging game that will provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends. The combination of strategy, teamwork, and historical events makes this game a must-have for any board game enthusiast.