Viking Market Calendar 2021

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It is not all of the Viking Markets for 2021 that have been cancelled due to Covid-19. This list of Viking Markets will be updated periodically throughout 2021. There is a link to each of the markets, so you can check if it gets cancelled or not.


NorwayWinter Viking – The wandering Viking VCancelled


DenmarkFamily day and market in the world of the Vikings, FrederikssundCancelled
DenmarkInternational Viking Market in RibeApril 30 – May 2


NorwayVikingting at TingvatnCancelled
NorwayViking Market at LeikvinMay 29-30


NorwayBjørgvin Viking and Medieval MarketCancelled
DenmarkRavnsborg Summer MarketCancelled
DenmarkViking and Medieval Market, Kongsgården UlbækgårdJune 5-6
NorwayKarmøy Viking Market at AvaldsnesCancelled
DenmarkFrederikssund Viking MarketJune 18-20
DenmarkAls Viking MarketCancelled
NorwayNesjarspelet – Performance art theatreJune 24-27
NorwayTrondheim Viking MarketTBA
DenmarkViking Market at Lindholm HøjeCancelled


NorwayYddir Viking MarketTBA
NorwayMidgard VikingfestivalJuly 2-4
SwedenStallarholmens Viking FestivalJuly 2-4
SwedenFoteviken’s Viking MarketJuly 2-4
NorwayGulatinget Viking MarketJuly 6-11
SwedenIn the Footsteps of the AncestorsJuly 10-11
DenmarkJelling Viking MarketCancelled
DenmarkViking and Medieval Market, Kongsgården UlbækgårdJuly 12-16
NorwayChildrens’ Viking Days at EggeCancelled
DenmarkThy Viking MarketJuly 17-18
DenmarkTrelleborg Viking FestivalCancelled
DenmarkOrø Viking MarketJuly 21-25
NorwayViking Market at LandeparkenCancelled
DenmarkMoesgaard Viking MootCancelled
FinlandViking Market in SaltvikJuly 29-31
NorwaySaltr Viking MarketJuly 31 – August 1
NorwayAgder VikinglagTBA
SwedenVikingaTider – The Viking TimesTBA
NorwayGudvangen Viking MarketCancelled
IcelandViking festival of ReykjavíkTBA
NorwaySarpsborg Viking FestivalTBA
SwedenStorholmen Viking SummerTBA
SwedenVikings at BirkaTBA
DenmarkViking Market in Jels Viking VillageTBA
DenmarkViking Market at Ravnebjerg in Sagnlandet LejreTBA
SwedenVärmland Viking ThingTBA
NorwayBorre Viking MarketTBA
DenmarkFyrkat Viking MarketCancelled


DenmarkViking Market / Medieval MarketAugust 7-8
DenmarkIron Age to Viking Age MarketAugust 7-8
DenmarkViking Market Viking Fortress BorgringTBA
SwedenFamily week at Fotevikens MuseumAugust 10-15
NorwayTønsberg Viking Festival August 12-15
IcelandHafnarfjörður Viking MarketAugust 12-15
NorwayMidgardsblot Metal FestivalAugust 18-21
DenmarkKællinghøl Viking MarketTBA
DenmarkAggersborg Viking Craftsman MeetingAugust 28-29
NorwayAskøy Viking MarketTBA
SwedenArcheology Day at Fotevikens MuseumAugust 29
SwedenThe Children’s Viking Day, Storholmen Viking VillageTBA
DenmarkBork Viking MarketTBA
NorwayHove Viking MarketTBA
NorwayVikingfestival at Landa Park in ForsandTBA
NorwayLofotr Viking Festival TBA
NorwayLunden Viking MarketTBA
DenmarkViking Market in HobroTBA


DenmarkViking Market in Sebbersund September 4-5
DenmarkNordfyns Viking MarketTBA
SwedenViking Age Autumn Market, Gunnes FarmTBA
SwedenGudahagens Viking MarketTBA
DenmarkIshøj Viking Market TBA
SwedenHay market in Höllviken and meeting place Fotevikens KulturcenterSeptember 11-12


DenmarkTissø Viking MarketOctober 2-3
DenmarkSøhulegaard Viking MarketOctober 16
DenmarkThe World of the Vikings in FrederikssundOctober 23
SwedenGhost walk at Fotevikens MuseumOctober 26


DenmarkHeathen Yule Market TBA
DenmarkYule at UlvsborgTBA
DenmarkYule Market at RavnsborgNovember 26-28


DenmarkYule Market at RavnsborgDecember 3-5
DenmarkFrederikssund Winter MarketDecember 11
DenmarkMidwinter celebration at FyrkatTBA
NorwayYule Market in the Viking Village, GudvangenTBA
DenmarkRibe Yule MarketTBA

If your market is missing from the list, then contact me on Facebook. I will need the location, date, and a website/Facebook page for the Viking market/event. If you have taken any images or videos then I would also like to have your permission to use them.