List of Viking Video Games for PC

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This is a list of Viking video games for PC. Being on this list does not necessarily mean that I recommend them. The games that I have personally played and tested are listed under games. The games on the list are either taking place in the Viking Age or have been inspired by it.

The links to the games are links to a steam code reseller. The prices are typically between 10% to 95% cheaper than on steam. I have personally used the website for years, and I recommend using it. Since the steam keys are sold by individual sellers, remember to check the reputation of the vendor before making your purchase.

Publishers notice: I will not write false reviews for free games. You are welcome to contact me on Facebook to review your game. If I decide to take you up on your offer, then I will be bloody honest.


GameDeveloperRelease date
WarhallaTom Nietfeld, Eva KaupTBA
Be the Ruler: BritanniaBeardedBrothersTBA
Lost Viking: Kingdom of WomenForestlight GamesTBA
Viking Simulator: Valhalla AwaitsYggdrasilTBA
Viking City BuilderRoslagenTBA
Sons of ValhallaPixel ChestTBA
Valhall: HarbingerBlackrose ArtsTBA
Doki Doki RagnarokBrutalHack14 Feb, 2022
God of WarSanta Monica Studio14 Jan, 2022


GameDeveloperRelease date
HeimTom Ryckeboer3 Dec, 2021
Song of IronEscape LLC31 Aug, 2021
Tribes of MidgardNorsfell27 Jul, 2021
ODIN: Valhalla RisingLionheart Studio29 June, 2021
FrozenheimParanoid Interactive20 May, 2021
North TownSupaGames3 May, 2021
Viking VengeanceLowpoly Interactive8 Apr, 2021
Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords (DLC)Paradox Development Studio16 Mar, 2021
Viking StoryLTZinc26 Feb, 2021
Dying Light – Viking: Raiders of HarranTechland11 Feb, 2021
ValheimIron Gate AB2 Feb, 2021


GameDeveloperRelease date
RagnarokWanadevStudio17 Dec, 2020
RUNE II: Decapitation EditionStudio 36913 Nov, 2020
Assassin’s Creed ValhallaUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Mila10 Nov, 2020
Viking fightStudio Inward14 Sep, 2020
Shadow of ValhallaChicken Waffle20 Aug, 2020
Helheim HasslePerfectly Paranormal18 Aug, 2020
Chess Knights: Viking LandsMinimol Games13 Aug, 2020
Tyrgard Archer VRActura Studios3 Jul, 2020
Nordic WarriorsLiron Peer, Roman Levin (Coldsteel48)19 Jun, 2020
Blood Rage: Digital EditionExozet27 May, 2020
Hidden Through Time – Viking TalesRogueside15 May, 2020
HnefataflPhilippe Schober30 Apr, 2020
Northern Tale 5: RevivalWhiterra30 Mar, 2020
Viking Chess: HnefataflDiamond Sky Games5 Mar, 2020
ViKubbSamiri Studios27 Feb, 2020


GameDeveloperRelease date
Viking Brothers 6Yustas Game Studio 25 Sep, 2019
EinnCrazy Magnet Studio23 Jul, 2019
FimbulZaxis28 Feb, 2019


GameDeveloperRelease date
Cows VS VikingsRedox Entertainment Inc7 Dec, 2018
Bad North: Jotunn EditionPlausible Concept16 Nov, 2018
NiffelheimEllada Games26 Sep, 2018
The Banner Saga 3Stonic26 Jul, 2018
Die for ValhallaMonster Couch29 May, 2018
Ancestors LegacyDestructive Creations22 May, 2018
Total War Saga: Thrones of BritanniaCreative Assembly, Feral Interactive (Mac), Feral Interactive (Linux)3 May, 2018
Dead in VinlandCCCP12 Apr, 2018
NorthgardShiro Games7 Mar, 2018
WartilePlaywood Project8 Feb, 2018


GameDeveloperRelease date
Northern Tale 3Realore1 Dec, 2017
Viking Brothers 3Alawar Stargaze29 Nov, 2017
Viking Brothers 2Alawar Stargaze29 Nov, 2017
Viking Brothers 4Alawar Stargaze29 Nov, 2017
Northern Tale 2Realore20 Nov, 2017
Northern Tale 4Realore16 Nov, 2017
Valnir ROK survival RPGEncurio26 Sep, 2017
Nine WorldsA Viking Saga16 Sep, 2017
Hellblade: Senua’s SacrificeNinja Theory, QLOC8 Aug, 2017
Iron TidesCrash Wave Games Inc.24 Jul, 2017
Expeditions: VikingLogic Artists27 Apr, 2017
Riders of AsgardGobbo Games31 Mar, 2017
Vikings: Wolves of MidgardGames Farm24 Mar, 2017
The FrostruneGrimnir Media2 Feb, 2017


GameDeveloperRelease date
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Vikings Scenario PackFiraxis Games, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux)21 Dec, 2016
Viking EscapeViktor Pekar10 Nov, 2016
Through the WoodsAntagonist27 Oct, 2016
Viking SquadSlick Entertainment Inc.4 Oct, 2016
Fated: The Silent OathFrima Studio28 Apr, 2016
The Banner Saga 2Stonic19 Apr, 2016
Trial by VikingLast Life Games29 Mar, 2016
BierzerkersShield Break Studios25 Feb, 2016
Northern TaleRealore9 Feb 2016


GameDeveloperRelease date
Zombie VikingsZoink Games7 Dec, 2015
Valhalla hillsFunatics Software2 Dec, 2015
Viking Saga: New WorldRealore5 Nov, 2015
Viking Saga: The Cursed RingRealore29 Oct, 2015
Jotun: Valhalla EditionThunder Lotus Games29 Sep, 2015
KynTangrin Entertainment28 Jul, 2015
Playing History: VikingsSerious Games Interactive1 Jul, 2015
Total War: ATTILA – Viking Forefathers Culture Pack (DLC)Creative Assembly17 Feb, 2015


GameDeveloperRelease date
Mount & Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest Reforged EditionBrytenwalda11 Dec, 2014
MuninGojira10 Jun, 2014
Viking BrothersAlawar, Whalebox Studio23 Apr, 2014
War of the VikingsParadox Interactive15 April, 2014
Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of RagnarokCrystal Shard20 Mar, 2014
The Banner SagaStonic14 Jan, 2014


GameDeveloperRelease date
Volgarr the VikingCrazy Viking Studios13 Sep, 2013
Crusader Kings II: The Old GodsParadox Development Studio28 May, 2013


GameDeveloperRelease date
When Vikings Attack!XDev Studios Europe, Clever Beans6 Nov, 2012
King’s bounty: warriors of the north1C-SoftClub26 Oct, 2012
Viking: battle for AsgardCreative Assembly, PC Port – Hardlight17 Oct, 2012


GameDeveloperRelease date
Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Civ and Scenario Pack: Denmark (The Vikings)Firaxis Games, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux)3 May, 2011


GameDeveloperRelease date
The Settlers II (10th Anniversary)Ubisoft Blue Byte, Funatics DevelopmentSep, 2006
Sid Meier’s Civilization IVFiraxis Games25 Oct, 2005
Tribal TroubleOddlabs31 March, 2005
Valhalla ChroniclesParadox Interactive25 June, 2003
Age of MythologyEnsemble Studios, SkyBox Labs30 Oct, 2002
Sid Meier’s Civilization III (Play the World Expansion)Firaxis Games30 Oct, 2000
RuneHuman Head Studios2000
CulturesFunatics Software GmbH1 Sep, 2000


GameDeveloperRelease date
Saga: Rage of the VikingsCryo Interactive1998
Sid Meier’s Civilization IIMicroProse, Varcon29 Feb, 1996
Hammer of the GodsHolistic Design1994
The Lost VikingsBlizzard Entertainment, Mass Media Games1992
Kingdoms of England II: Vikings, Fields of ConquestKrisalis Software1992
Heimdall8th Day, The, Core Design1991
Dusk of the GodsDreamForge Intertainment1991
Viking ChildImagitec Design, DMA Systems Ltd.1990


GameDeveloperRelease date
Viking RaidersMark Lucas1984