The Last Song – Yxengaard

In Denmark, Events by Skjalden

The last song event is a live-action role-playing experience (LARP), where the participants will be playing characters during a time of cultural crisis. It is a fictional story that is set near the end of the Viking Age when the world of the Norse peoples began to come to an end.

The LARP is divided into five acts, which span over four consecutive days. The event seems to be very popular, so purchase your tickets as soon as possible. Visit their website for practical information such as the venue, accessibility, and ticket prices.

location of yxengaard last song denmark
  • Address: Yxengaard, Rævskærvej, 9850 Hirtshals
  • Contact:
  • Website:
  • Next event: May 25th (15:00) – 29th (13:00), 2022.