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Trocadero – Sweden’s Unique Apple-Orange Caffeinated Soda

In Beverage by Skjalden

Let’s talk about Trocadero, or “Troca” as it’s often called. This is a popular Swedish soda that started in Malmö back in 1953, invented by a company named Saturnus AB. It has kinda a unique taste because it mixes apple and orange flavors and adds a bit of caffeine. Over the years, it became really popular, especially up north in Norrland, to the point where people there call it their “national beverage.”

The name “Trocadero” has an interesting background. It was picked by a man from the company, and it’s thought to be inspired by places in Paris, though the word originally comes from a place in Spain. But in Sweden, they say it a bit differently, putting the stress on the ‘e.’

How Trocadero Made Its Mark

In the same year, Trocadero came out, Sweden stopped banning cola drinks, so sodas with caffeine like Coca-Cola became available. But for a while, Trocadero was unique because it was the only non-cola drink with caffeine in it.

As time went on, Saturnus AB, the company that made Trocadero, started focusing more on making flavors for alcohol rather than sodas. Eventually, they stopped making Trocadero themselves and in 2006, sold the brand to another company, NordArom AB. This company lets other breweries make the drink. Since 2017, a company called Spendrups has been making Trocadero.

Trocadero has also been turned into a type of candy. They made jelly candies shaped like bottles, green and yellow, that tasted like a drink. They were made by a candy factory in Hudiksvall starting in 2005. But, those candies aren’t made anymore.

The brand has tried new things too, like making a sugar-free version called Trocadero Zero and even mixing Trocadero with a traditional Christmas drink to make something new for the holidays.