Julmust – The Swedish Christmas Drink That Outshines Coca-Cola

In Beverage by Skjalden

In Sweden, when Christmas time rolls around, one of the things people get really excited about is Julmust. This special drink is a big part of the holiday season, kind of like how some places have eggnog or hot chocolate. Julmust is interesting because it’s tied so closely to Christmas, even though you can find it under different names at other times of the year, like PĂ„skmust during Easter.

Julmust was invented in 1910 by a man named Harry Roberts and his father. They wanted to make a drink that people could enjoy instead of beer, especially around the holidays. What’s really cool about it is that, despite being around for so long, the recipe is still a secret. Only a few people know exactly what goes into making that special Julmust syrup that all the different brands use to make their version of the drink.


But in essence, the drink is a mix of carbonated water, sugar, hop extract, malt extract (which gives it a bit of a beer flavor without the alcohol), spices, caramel coloring, and some preservatives. But even though they all start with the same syrup, every company’s Julmust tastes a little different.

One of the most surprising things about Julmust is how much it’s loved compared to other drinks. Around Christmas, it’s so popular that it even outsells Coca-Cola, which is pretty rare for any drink anywhere. This has led to some interesting competition over the years, with Coca-Cola trying to get into the Julmust game themselves, but none of their attempts have really taken off. It just goes to show how much Swedes love their Julmust.