Champions of Midgard Board Game

Champions of Midgard

In Merchandise by Skjalden

Champions of Midgard is a captivating strategy board game perfect for 2-4 players aged 10 and above. With a playing time of 60-90 minutes, players are transported to a Viking era where they take on the roles of competing Viking leaders. Their mission? To hunt trolls, battle draugr, and vanquish mythical Norse beasts in pursuit of glory. Buy The Game Here.

In this engaging game, players must gather resources, employ warriors, and seek guidance from the gods. They’ll then use their warriors to combat an array of formidable adversaries, such as powerful Trolls, fearsome Sea Monsters, and relentless Draugr. Players must outshine their opponents by accumulating the most glory, in order to claim the title of Jarl.

Champions of Midgard combines the thrill of worker placement with the excitement of dice-driven combat, resulting in an action-packed and strategic experience. Players must recruit valiant warriors, acquire potent runes, and gain insight into the future before sending their loyal fighters on quests to conquer legendary beasts. The ultimate goal is to amass the greatest amount of glory, becoming the new Jarl and a true Champion of Midgard.

How to Play Champions of Midgard and What’s Included

The objective of Champions of Midgard is to amass the most glory over the course of eight rounds. Players can earn glory by vanquishing enemies, but must also be cautious not to accumulate blame for failing to protect the town.

Throughout the game, players will dispatch workers from their clan to gather essential supplies and weaponry needed to repel the encroaching hordes of enemies. As most locations on the board can only accommodate one worker per round, players must strategize and act quickly to secure their desired resources.

Champions of Midgard has received numerous accolades, including a nomination for the 2015 Board Game Quest Awards. It can also be played online on Tabletopia, and the rulebook is available for download.

With its unique blend of worker placement and dice-driven combat, Champions of Midgard provides hours of fun and strategic gameplay for both casual and experienced board game enthusiasts.

The game comes with a variety of components, including:

  • 1 game board
  • 5 Viking leaderboards
  • 8 market stall tiles
  • 20 worker meeples
  • 8 player color markers
  • 1 round marker
  • 1 start player marker
  • 1 small public longship
  • 4 private longships
  • 1 large public longship
  • 10 rune cards
  • 8 merchant ship cards
  • 18 journey cards
  • 36 monster cards
  • 12 destiny cards
  • 16 troll cards
  • 21 draugr cards
  • 20 wood cubes
  • 30 food cubes
  • 60 coins
  • 34 Viking warrior dice (12 white, 12 red, 10 black)
  • 54 favor tokens
  • 28 blame tokens
  • 3 damage tokens