Superflyers – The Salty Licorice That Conquered Scandinavia

In Candy by Skjalden

Have you ever wondered what makes Superflyers so special? These long, slender licorice candies have become a favorite for many, and there’s a fascinating story behind them. From their unique flavor to their cultural significance, Superflyers are more than just a treat. They’re a part of a rich tradition of licorice confectionery that has delighted taste buds for years.

Superflyers are not your ordinary candy. They stand out in the crowded of sweets for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s their distinctive flavor that sets them apart. Unlike the sweet licorice many are accustomed to, Superflyers offer a salty licorice experience that is particularly beloved in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. This flavor, often surprising to those new to it, is an acquired taste that has garnered a dedicated following.

The texture of Superflyers is another aspect that adds to their charm. The perfect balance between chewy and firm, they provide a satisfying mouthfeel that makes snacking on them a delightful experience. This combination of unique taste and texture has made Superflyers a favourite amoung the licorice candies.

The Cultural Significance of Superflyers in Scandinavia

In Scandinavia, licorice is more than just a flavor; it’s a part of the cultural fabric. Superflyers, with their salty licorice taste, resonate deeply with the Scandinavian palate. This affinity for licorice in Scandinavia goes back centuries and is reflected in the popularity of Superflyers. These candies are not just enjoyed as a casual snack but are often integral to celebrations and family gatherings.

The preference for salty over sweet licorice in these regions also speaks to the broader culinary tastes found in Scandinavia. Superflyers, in this context, are not just candies but a reflection of a cultural preference. Their popularity in Denmark and neighboring countries underscores the deep-rooted love for licorice in its many forms.

The origin of Superflyers

The origin of Superflyers, the licorice candy, is not clearly documented in terms of who exactly invented them or where they were first produced. However, it is known that they are manufactured by Haribo, a company originally founded in Germany. Haribo is well-known for its wide range of confectionery products, including various types of licorice candies.

While Haribo is a German company, Superflyers have become particularly popular in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. This popularity is mainly due to their salty licorice flavor, which is a taste profile favored in these regions. The affinity for salty licorice in Scandinavia may lead to the perception of Superflyers being a Danish or Scandinavian product.