Dumle Karameller – A Journey from a Swedish Lollipop to a Finnish Caramel

In Candy by Skjalden

Dumle karameller, also known as “Dumle caramels,” is a renowned confection that has its roots in both Sweden and Finland. This beloved candy, famous for its soft, chewy caramel wrapped in smooth chocolate, has a history that spans across borders and decades.

The Dumle story begins in Sweden, where it was first introduced in 1945 by Mazetti, a chocolate and confectionery producer based in Malmö. The original product was a hard toffee lollipop coated in chocolate. It wasn’t until 1960 that this treat was branded as Dumle, possibly drawing inspiration from the children’s television series “Humle och Dumle”, one of the first broadcast on Swedish television.

The crucial moment for Dumle came when the Finnish company Fazer acquired Mazetti in 1975. Fazer, with its deep confectionery expertise, transformed Dumle into what it is famously known for today. In 1987, they launched a new product – a softer, chocolate-covered toffee, packaged in a candy wrapper. This innovation marked the birth of the Dumle original caramel candy, a distinctly Finnish creation, now manufactured in Vaarala, Vantaa.

Beyond being a delightful snack, Dumle karameller has become a versatile ingredient in culinary creations. Its unique blend of caramel and chocolate enhances the flavors of baked goods and desserts, making it a favored choice for both casual snacks and elaborate culinary delights.

Dumle karameller’s role extends into daily life and celebratory occasions. Often found at festive events, it brings a touch of Finnish sweetness to various gatherings, symbolizing joy and togetherness. Sharing Dumle among friends and family enriches these moments, making them even more memorable.

The evolution of Dumle has led to the introduction of a wide range of products under the Dumle brand. From the original chocolate-covered toffees to an assortment of chocolates and ice creams, Dumle continues to innovate. Its flavor varieties, including apple, salty liquorice, mint, gingerbread, mango-orange, cranberries, banana, and lime, come in distinctively colored wrappers, each offering a new taste experience.