Kung-Fu Ice Cream

Kung-Fu Ice Cream – The Legendary Danish Licorice Ice Cream

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Kung-Fu ice cream (Danish: Kung Fu-isen) has been a Danish treat since its introduction in 1975 by Frisko. The blend of lemonade and black licorice uniquely caters to the Danish love for licorice, making it a favorite among many. The uproar in 1998 over its discontinuation was almost a pitchforks and torches scenario that underscored its love and cultural significance. This audio clip from 1998, featuring a crowd demanding its return in the stores, just shows what the public thought about its disappearance.

This ice cream is more than just a treat; it’s a nostalgic journey for many Danes. It represents a slice of childhood, a taste of home. It’s not about eating them daily, but about preserving a cherished ice cream. When Danes scan the freezer in a store, the presence of Kung-Fu ice cream is a comforting reminder of their roots.

A newer version, Kung-Fu Black, fully coated in licorice, further showcases the Danish love for licorice flavor.

Kung Fu Black Ice Cream

The Company Frisko

Frisko’s establishment in 1946 marked the beginning of a significant era in Denmark’s ice cream industry. Its founder, Carlo Fagerlund, established a brand that would become a hallmark in the Danish market. The 1959 merger with Kildegaard Fløde-is and the establishment of a new production facility in Herlev were important, boosting production capabilities significantly.

Following its acquisition by Unilever in 1960, Frisko underwent a series of strategic expansions and acquisitions, including Kaddara Is and Kronborg Is, which further solidified its position in the industry.

The acquisition of Sol Is and the integration of the Sol logo symbolized a merging of traditions and brands, further enriching Frisko’s identity. The company’s evolution continued through mergers and expansion into international markets. While Frisko originated from Denmark, it is as mentioned a part of Unilever and is no longer in Danish hands.