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Tyrkisk Peber – From Danish Origins to Global Fame

In Candy by Skjalden

Tyrkisk Peber is a name that resonates with candy lovers across Denmark and has a rich history and a flavor that stands out in the world of sweets. Originating in Denmark and now produced by the Finnish company Fazer, this candy has become a favorite in Northern Europe and beyond. In this short article, we delve into the journey of Tyrkisk Peber, from its Danish beginnings to becoming a globally sought-after product.

First produced by the Danish company Perelly in 1977, Tyrkisk Peber quickly gained popularity for its unique taste. When Fazer took over in 1996, the candy’s appeal only grew, making it one of Fazer’s most in-demand offerings worldwide. Known for its salty licorice flavor enhanced with salmiac (ammonium chloride), Tyrkisk Peber offers a distinct culinary experience. Let’s explore the world of Tyrkisk Peber, its varieties, and its impact on candy culture.

Tyrkisk Peber was invented in Denmark

Tyrkisk Peber was invented by Per Fjelsten in 1976 in Jutland, Denmark, marking the birth of a new candy sensation. This section traces the evolution of Tyrkisk Peber, highlighting how its production shifted from Perelly to Fazer and how this transition influenced its growth and popularity. This shift not only marked a new chapter in its manufacturing but also in how it was perceived and enjoyed by consumers across different regions.

Fazer’s acquisition not only expanded Tyrkisk Peber’s reach but also led to the introduction of new variants. From the original hard candy with a hollow center filled with ammonium chloride powder, the product line grew to include “Hot & Sour” and “Bonfire” versions, lollipops, and filled liquorice. Each variant brought a new dimension to the Tyrkisk Peber family, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. The expansion of the product line reflects Fazer’s commitment to innovation and understanding of consumer desires.

Beyond being a standalone snack, Tyrkisk Peber has also found its way into the world of cocktails. Particularly in Finland, it’s used to create the famous Salmiakki Koskenkorva, and it’s a key ingredient in various Scandinavian cocktails. This culinary adaptability showcases Tyrkisk Peber’s versatility and its enduring appeal in different cultural contexts.