Raiders of the North Sea Board Game

Raiders of the North Sea

In Merchandise by Skjalden

Step into the captivating era of the Viking Age with Raiders of the North Sea, a board game that challenges players to assume the role of valiant Viking warriors. The ultimate goal is to gain the admiration of the Chieftain by successfully plundering unsuspecting settlements. To achieve this, players must form a formidable crew, stock up on supplies, and set sail northwards to seize treasures such as gold, iron, and livestock. Glorious battles await, even when facing the mighty Valkyrie, so rally your troops and prepare for a season of conquest! Buy The Game Here.

The primary objective of Raiders of the North Sea is to earn the Chieftain’s favor by amassing the most Victory Points (VP) by the end of the game. Players can obtain Victory Points by raiding settlements, securing plunder, and presenting offerings to the Chieftain. How players utilize their acquired loot is crucial to their success. The game concludes when only one Fortress raid remains, all Valkyrie has been vanquished, or all offerings have been presented.

Raiders of the North Sea was a notable contender for the Spiel Des Jahres Kennerspiel award in 2017, reflecting its status as a highly-regarded game for enthusiasts. Players can demonstrate their skills as Viking raiders by successfully attacking and looting villages. This board game is part of the celebrated North Sea Runesaga Campaign Trilogy, ensuring countless hours of enjoyable gameplay.

Designed to accommodate 2-4 players, Raiders of the North Sea provides an engaging challenge that typically lasts between 60 and 80 minutes. The game contains the following components:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 71 Townsfolk Cards
  • 4 Ship Cards (available in 4 colors)
  • 16 Offering Tiles
  • 12 Score Markers (available in 4 colors)
  • 18 Valkyrie
  • 18 Gold
  • 18 Iron
  • 26 Livestock
  • 32 Provisions
  • 32 Silver
  • 7 Black Workers
  • 11 Grey Workers
  • 12 White Workers
  • 2 Averaging Dice
  • 1 Black Bag

Gather your fellow Viking enthusiasts, assemble your fearless crew, and prepare to set sail on a quest for victory and glory in Raiders of the North Sea. With its captivating gameplay and strategic challenges, this board game promises to provide endless entertainment and excitement for players of all ages.