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Pågen Gifflar – The History of Sweden’s Cinnamon Rolls

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The story of Pågen Gifflar is a fascinating chapter in the history of Swedish baking, illustrating a journey of tradition, innovation, and enduring quality. It’s a tale that begins in the late 19th century with the foundation of Pågen, a family-owned bakery that has become a beloved icon in Sweden and beyond.

Founded in 1878 by Anders and Matilda Påhlsson in Malmö, Pågen started as a modest bakery. Over the years, it evolved, expanding its reach and refining its baking methods. The bakery’s commitment to quality and tradition has been a constant throughout its history, a philosophy that is deeply embedded in the creation of Pågen Gifflar.

The Evolution of Pågen and the Birth of Gifflar

As Pågen grew, it maintained its focus on traditional baking techniques while embracing innovation. This balance between the old and the new is evident in the development of Pågen Gifflar. The gifflar, a type of Swedish cinnamon roll, emerged as a beloved product, combining the rich, spiced flavors traditional in Swedish baking with a soft, fluffy texture that appealed to modern palates.

The year 2000 marked an important moment in Pågen’s history. The merger with Pååls, another family-owned bakery with over 70 years of history, enriched Pågen’s product range and expertise. The Gothenburg bakery, previously part of Pååls, contributed significantly to Pågen’s assortment, including products like Hönökaka and Roast’n’toast, but these were soon rebranded under the Pågen name, enhancing the company’s unified identity.

Today, Pågen Gifflar is not just a snack but a symbol of the bakery’s enduring legacy. Produced in the historic bakeries of Malmö and Gothenburg, each batch of Gifflar is a reflection of the company’s journey through time. From selecting high-quality ingredients to applying both traditional and modern baking techniques, the creation of Gifflar is a process steeped in history.

The legacy of Pågen Gifflar also extends beyond Sweden’s borders. Its popularity in international markets is a testament to the universal appeal of well-crafted bakery products. The brand’s presence in countries such as France, the UK, Belgium, and Denmark illustrates not just a successful business expansion, but also the cross-cultural appreciation of Pågen’s commitment to quality and tradition.