Hindbærsnitter – Denmark’s Cherished Raspberry Pastry

In Cakes by Skjalden

Hindbærsnitter is a tasty Danish pastry that has a unique place in Denmark’s culinary landscape. This traditional treat consists of two layers of shortcrust pastry filled with raspberry jam and topped with a smooth, white icing. Often finished with colorful sprinkles, Hindbærsnitter not only delights the taste buds but also the eyes.

The Hindbærsnitte, or raspberry slice, dates back to the 1700s. Its creation is often linked to the coastal town of Skagen, a hub of Danish culinary innovation. Originally, this pastry was more elaborate, featuring multiple layers of shortcrust pastry and raspberry jam. A notable figure in its history is the mother of Anna Anker, a famed local baker who owned Brøndums Hotel in Skagen. Her version of Hindbærsnitter gained such popularity that it even attracted the famous writer H.C. Andersen.

Throughout the 20th century, Hindbærsnitter, along with other pastries like træstammer (tree logs) and romkugler (rum balls), was often considered a product of leftover bakery ingredients. However, the 2010s witnessed a resurgence in its popularity, re-establishing it as a cherished component of Danish pastry culture.

Today, Hindbærsnitter is celebrated for its simple yet delightful flavor profile. Renowned personalities like TV host Søren Ryge Pedersen have commented on its significance in Danish cuisine. In assessing the quality of a Hindbærsnitter, one must consider the freshness, the balance of jam and pastry, and the appearance of the icing. Pedersen notes that a good Hindbærsnitter is often a sign of a quality bakery, where attention to detail and freshness are paramount.

The modern Hindbærsnitter, while staying true to its roots, has also seen variations. Bakers experiment with the thickness of the pastry layers, the type of raspberry jam, and the consistency of the icing. Despite these variations, the essence of the Hindbærsnitter – its delicate balance of sweet and tart flavors – remains unchanged.