Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market in Odense

Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market in Odense

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Experience a classic Christmas at the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market in Odense. Dive into the past and enjoy the festive season as it was celebrated in the 19th century. Held in the streets where Andersen grew up, this annual event revives the spirit of olden times.

Famous worldwide, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales have been cherished by children in over 100 languages. Now, imagine strolling through the same streets where he once walked, lined with houses dating back to his era. Although many families live here today, Andersen’s birthplace is a museum, adding to the historical charm.

As you wander these ancient streets during Christmas, it feels like stepping back in time. The neighborhood, once poor during Andersen’s life, now buzzes with festive joy. Starting in 2004, the market has grown in popularity, attracting more visitors each year.

The market’s ambiance is enriched with Christmas tunes from barrel organs and the sweet aromas from food stalls. Here, indulge in traditional Danish and Northern European Christmas delicacies. Untranslatable treats like Brunkager, Pebernødder, gløgg, julekonfekt, Marzipan bread, and Æbleskiver await your taste.

Moreover, the market isn’t just about food. Inspired by Andersen’s fairy tales, entertainment fills the air, enriching your visit with magical storytelling. The first three weekends of December offer a chance to explore this historic market around Sortebrødre Torv. Follow the event on Facebook to stay updated.

Join thousands of guests who flock to this cobblestoned square each year. Explore craft stalls, culinary delights, and hot gløgg with free entry. Each visit promises a unique art and cultural experience, focusing on Denmark’s 19th-century traditions. Don’t miss out on this journey through time at one of Odense’s most cherished cultural offerings.