Fruktsoppa – The Norwegian and Swedish Fruit Soup

In Cuisine by Skjalden

Fruktsoppa (fruit soup) is a traditional Scandinavian dish that brings the humble sweetness of dried fruits to your table. This dish, originating from Sweden and Norway, turns simple dried fruits into a comforting soup that’s perfect as a dessert.

Back in the day, Scandinavians had to get creative during winter since fresh fruits were off the menu. Fruktsoppa which is made from dried fruits like apricots, apples, and raisins, became a go-to solution. It’s often mixed with a variety of fruits, which not only amps up the flavor but also adds a lovely mix of textures.

Fruktsoppa is a staple during Scandinavian holiday gatherings, often finding its place at the Christmas table, where it introduces a note of sweetness to the celebration. Additionally, it’s a common item in the smörgåsbord, sitting among a variety of traditional Scandinavian dishes. Its ability to pair well with different kinds of cakes, notably coffee cake, allows it to seamlessly fit into various meal endings.

How Fruktsoppa is Made

Preparing Fruktsoppa involves soaking dried fruits to rehydrate them, followed by simmering them with a few key ingredients: tapioca for consistency, red wine for depth, sugar for sweetness, lemon juice for a hint of tartness, cinnamon for spice, and a little salt to balance the flavors.

This mixture is cooked until it transforms into a soup that is rich in taste yet remains light on the palate. It’s commonly suggested to let the soup sit for a few hours before serving. This waiting period helps the flavors to meld together more completely, resulting in a deeper and more cohesive taste.