Fläskkorv – The Classic Swedish Sausage You Need to Try

In Cuisine by Skjalden

Fläskkorv is your go-to Swedish sausage, mostly made from pork and a big favorite, especially around Christmas time in Sweden. It’s got a rich taste that many people love and is pretty versatile in how you can cook it. This sausage isn’t just any sausage; it’s part of what makes Swedish food special, especially during the holidays when it shows up on the Christmas buffet table, known as ‘Julbord’.

Let’s talk about what goes into fläskkorv. It’s mainly pork, but sometimes you’ll find a bit of beef mixed in. Add to that some pork fat, potato flour, onions, spices, and water, and you’ve got yourself a fläskkorv. The meat makes up about half of the sausage, giving it a hearty flavor that’s hard to beat. Back in the day, you’d usually buy it raw and cook it yourself, but these days, you can find it precooked for those times when you’re in a hurry and just need to heat it up.

One of the best ways to enjoy fläskkorv is with ‘rotmos’, a tasty side dish made from mashed carrots, potatoes, and rutabagas. It’s a classic pairing that feels like a hug in a meal. But fläskkorv isn’t just for Christmas. It’s part of a bigger family of Swedish unsmoked sausages that includes all sorts of varieties, like köttkorv and potatiskorv. Each has its own flavor, but fläskkorv is one of those that really stands out, especially during festive times.

Fläskkorv has a pretty interesting history too. Until 2002, in Sweden, if you were buying fläskkorv, you knew it had to have at least 40% meat. After that, the rules changed to match the rest of the EU, but that hasn’t made people love it any less. Whether it’s called julkorv because of its Christmas connections or kokekorv in some places, it’s a sausage that’s made its mark.