Blodpudding – The Swedish Version of Black Pudding

In Cuisine by Skjalden

Blodpudding (Black pudding) is a classic dish in Sweden, blending pig’s blood, milk, flour, and spices into something surprisingly tasty. At first glance, it might raise eyebrows, but in Sweden, it’s as normal as meatloaf is in other parts of the world. Served with lingonberry jam, and boiled potatoes, it turns into a comfort food that many Swedes grew up with.

The main ingredients, including pig’s blood mixed with rye or barley flour, späcktärningar (diced lard), öl or svagdricka (beer or small beer), and sirap (syrup), give it a distinctive dark appearance and a rich, satisfying texture. Nutrition-wise, blodpudding is a powerhouse. It’s packed with iron and protein, making it not just a cultural experience but a healthy choice for anyone looking to add variety to their diet.

If you’re thinking about trying blodpudding, it’s more than just tasting some new food. It’s about getting a slice of Swedish culture. This dish has been around for ages, connecting generations of Swedes to their heritage through a shared love for this unique pudding. Its popularity hasn’t waned over the years, which speaks volumes about its place in the heart of Swedish cuisine.

In Sweden, meals are more than just eating; they’re an opportunity to come together and celebrate. Blodpudding fits right into this, often finding its way to the table during family dinners and special occasions. It’s a nod to tradition and a comforting reminder of home for many Swedes.

For those hesitant about trying blodpudding due to its unique ingredients, it’s worth taking a leap of culinary curiosity. The thought of eating something made from pig’s blood might seem daunting at first, but blodpudding is a delicacy that surprises many with its rich, savory flavor and satisfying texture. Just like any new food, the key is to approach it with an open mind.

Remember, many cherished dishes from around the world have ingredients that might initially sound unusual. Giving blodpudding a chance means not just broadening your taste horizons, but also connecting with a piece of culinary tradition that has been a source of comfort and joy for countless Swedes. So, why not let your taste buds explore? You might just discover a new favorite.


Blodpudding is essentially a type of blood pudding made with pig’s blood, milk, and flour (often barley or rye), enriched with both sweet and savory spices, including lök (onion), kryddpeppar (allspice), and mejram (marjoram). This blend is cooked into a loaf that, once solid, is sliced and usually fried. It’s known for its smooth, dense texture and is traditionally served with lingonberry jam and boiled potatoes.

Blodkorv, on the other hand, is a type of blood sausage made from pig’s blood, pork meat, fat, and fillers like barley or rye flour, seasoned with savory spices. The mixture is stuffed into casings and then boiled or smoked. Blodkorv is known for its coarser, more granular texture compared to Blodpudding and is also served in slices, often alongside a variety of sides.